The Veterans march began as a small, small idea in my head, in autumn 2012. I am proud to be a colleague of foreign veterans who do their utmost to resolve situations for peace in another country, and I wanted to do something to pay attention to them. What if I could use my penchant for wandering to achieve it?

That the march would be the huge success that it was, I could never have imagined.

The 2013 march was an experience. As I took my first step at the beginning in Ystad, I didn’t think that we would number 250 veterans walking through Halmstad. In total, about 450 veterans and their relatives participated in the march. Little did I know that we would have an armored car escorting us in Helsingborg, as well as a low-flying C130 Hercules in Gothenburg. Moreover, nobody would have though we could collect SEK 70,000 for Yellow Ribbon and much, much more. All the things I never thought would happen did indeed happen. After all, we veterans are use to fixing things and there are very strong bonds between us, which means that we help each other out.  We all need to get together, talk and reminisce.

My payment is that the march have helped people that feel bad, they actually sought help.

We are down at the grassroots level; we are the ones with experience in taking part, in feeling a sense of pride in the missions where we know we did a good job, and in claiming recognition and in presenting ourselves.

I look forward to the part of the march in Halmstad during the veterans' gathering in Ringenäs. I look forward to 7 augusti when yet another journey will begin - a journey which I know will be fantastic.

To all of you, my colleagues, we are writing Swedish history!

“Shoulder to Shoulder – Forever in Friendship”

Proud veteran
Lars-Göran Nyholm